ClaviBrace® Da Vinci Award

Nominated by world famous surgeon Professor Angus Wallace, ClaviBrace® won a Da Vinci award for medical breakthrough 2010.

Treating all severity of broken collarbone, stops pain and equals surgical outcome and where surgery is chosen, protects outcome.

Evaluated by top shoulder surgeons Professor Angus Wallace and Mr Ian Bayley. “Its high success rate and ability to stop pain makes ClaviBrace an exciting innovation explains, Harley Street Spine Plus manager David Papamichael. We are delighted to offer a professional fitting service especially with the increasing number of sporting injuries we are seeing.”

ClaviBrace is a CLASS 1 MEDICAL DEVICE REGISTERED WITH THE HEALTHCARE REGULATORY AGENCY (MHRA). CE marked. Complies with all UK and EU regulations. Quality made in Britain.

Da Vinci Awards presentation 2010. Left to right, TV presenter Ann Davies, Prof Angus Wallace (Top shoulder surgeon & Nottingham University Hospitals Lecturer), Nick Rogers (Da Vinci Judge) Barbara Thompson and Simon Dickinson (Head Orthotist, NHS Nottingham Hospitals Trust.

BELOW: Professor W. A. Wallace speaking at the COPA Show 2015  "ClaviBrace® Transforming the treatment of clavicle fractures"