and represents the latest technological advance in the treatment of clavicle fractures. 

The Da Vinci award-winning and patented brace was championed by leading UK shoulder surgeon Professor Angus Wallace. It dramatically reduces pain and unique nerve protection means that clavicle length can be conserved to safeguard essential shoulder strength and function.  

The result; better healing and faster return to normal life – and action! this offers huge beneficial implications for military use, reducing downtime, restoring shoulder function and preserving combat readiness for highly trained troops.

CASE STUDY - A top military surgeon used ClaviBrace® on a serious medial third fracture complicated by a comminuted lateral fracture and where surgery was potentially life threatening, proving that surgery could be avoided. 

Three years of successful case studies suggest ClaviBrace® offers a credible, positive, economic alternative to surgery. It can help resolve the dilemma surgeons face over clavicle surgery intervention, often disproportionate to injury. 

By adopting ClaviBrace®, surgeons can greatly reduce their own liability and risk to patient, and deliver significant healthcare savings. 

With comfort and performance in mind, AngelMed has pioneered 4-Dflex, a new generation state-of-the art, breathable fabric. 4-Dflex is used in ClaviBrace® to make the brace wearable continuously, and safe for long-term use.



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